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Solar Eclipse SushiFest

We'll be doing this some place in Wyoming that is in The Path for the solar eclipse.

Possibly Fremont Canyon

When: August 18th - 21st - 2017

Where: WY

SushiFest camp: yet to be determined.

Food Contribution: $35 per night. 

We'll do Sushi Saturday and Sunday night.

If things start to get crowded for certain nights I may have to pay for help and if that's the case I'll be asking everyone to chip in $5-$10 for that night (depending no how many people doing sushi and how much help I have to bribe).

I might also do some sushi on Friday night for a smaller group and I'll ask for food donations for that at the time (we can figure it out then). And any leftovers on Monday we can just devour per our normal routine.

So please PayPal (or you can send a check - PM me for address) at Please include this wording: "Here is my contribution for my share of the food that you will be purchasing for the group". (paypal bitched at me last time thinking this was an event I'm selling tickets to and profiting on) - please don't include that part in parens  .

I'm leaning towards Fremont Canyon for a variety of reasons. 1) It's close; 2) it's in the Path and 45 minutes away is the center; 3) there's water; 4) BLM so no ranger danger; 5) there's good climbing; 6) no other real contenders.