Stained Glass Climber Hanging

Donor: Candice Mann

Contribution  Org: The American Cancer Society

Starting Price: $150

Buy It Price: $225

Current Bid: none


Each item will have a starting price and each item will also have a Buy It Now price.  If anyone goes for the Buy It Now price I will do my best to acquire another similar/same item so there can continue to be an auction for it.

Once an item receives a bid it will remain available for two weeks.

Each item will have an individual or an organization assigned to it.  The individual or orgs will mostly be working towards trying to help our oceans.  We’ll also include the American Cancer Society and an org that is fighting for social justice.

The winner is will contribute directly to the individual/org and they will show me the proof. I will then turn the piece of art over to them.

I will keep the current price updated on this site as well as the Facebook posting.  To bid simply email your bid at

Hi Doug,

This was made for me by my stepdaughter Marena Logan. She has an Etsy page if anyone is interested. Glass By Mar (

The girl is me (or was me). We have a great memory of when she was 10 and I tied her to a tree so she could belay me. lol. My husband, her father, died in 2018 from brain cancer. Ugh. But she and her little family and I have stayed close. :). She is excited to have me donate this because her daddy LOVED the ocean. He was in the Navy and then worked with ROV’s and underwater life until he passed.

Thought I’d give you a little history of the piece of art.

<3 Candie Mann