Welcome to the SushiFest and Sushi making How to Series. I have around twenty episodes planned starting at the very beginning with how to make sushi rice. We’ll finish up taking an in depth look at SushiFest – how we set it up, how the SushiFest Trailer and Bar/Tent are built. In between we’ll cover everything from sauces, sake and slicing.

As sustainability and making wise choices around the food we choose to eat we will be focusing on some aspect of that topic in each episode. Additionally, one episode will focus entirely on the myriad of ingredients that can go into making sushi.

Now before we begin let’s remember one thing. There is only one ingredient with the word ‘sushi’ in it – sushi rice. That means that the only ingredient needed to make a sushi meal is the rice. Fish isn’t required (a plate of raw fished is sashimi not sushi). So sushi can and often is vegan.

Since a sushi meal centers around the rice it’s very important to get it right. It’s not easy and can take lots of practice. In traditional Japanese sushi restaurants the making of the rice is a time-honored skill and takes years of putting in the work before one is allowed that duty.

But, we’re much less likely to be found in Japan and much more likely to be found in the dust of Canyonlands or with the Mosseses in Vedauwoo. So we’re a little different. So let’s make some rice…