What is SushiFest?

It might be easier to explain SushiFest by pointing out what it is not.  SushiFest is not for profit nor is it non-profit. There is no formal way to join SushiFest. There are no tickets. There is no corporate office in Hawaii. It’s not a “public” event.

SushiFest is what it sounds like – a two day all you can eat sushi bender where we are camped out at a climbing area somewhere the western US. It is coordinated by Nature. As it is a private event all food is purchased prior to the event and so food contributions must be made in advance to reserve your spot at the sushi bar.  Check out the blog posts for past SushiFests to get a better idea of the fun, food and friends you’ll enjoy.


Only fish that comes from a sustainable resource is offered at the sushi bar.  Part of the goal of SushiFest is to make people more aware of how to select fish from sustainable resources.

How it started

SushiFest was inspired by a comment Jeff Lowe made.  Nature was posting a whole bunch of sushi photographs on the supertopo.com climbing forum. Jeff noted this, a comment about having a sushi get together was posted, and the rest is making history.

Who is welcome at SushiFest?

Every one is welcome to attend SushiFest.  Although most that do attend are climbers you don’t have to be to join up.