Indian Creek SushiFest IV:XX 2020

What: Indian Creek SushiFest IV:XX 2020. This will be the 34th SushiFest.  The format remains unchanged – two nights of all you can eat sushi (or until the sushi chefs cut you off around midnight). The sushi is sourced from some of the best seafood purveyors Nature has found.  Expect fresh Ahi from Honolulu and fresh Uni from San Diego. On top of that the veggies are fresh and mostly organic. If you have any special requests don’t hesitate to ask. This wouldn’t be a party without you and we want to accommodate everyone.

Who: Anyone is welcome to join. Invite your friends!  You don’t have to be a climber. It’s simply that the tradition is we always go to a climbing area. Bring your mountain bikes or hiking boots!

When: April 17th and 18th, 2020

Note: Saturday night only?  Message or email me before paying. I’m only going to allow 10 for Saturday night only.  That number will go up if anyone does Friday night only.

Where: Indian Creek, Utah. We will be set up and camped out at the Group Site at Creek Pasture for four nights.

Food & Facility Contribution: $40 per person per night (for two nights). If you are veggie only please contact me.

Please PayPal as a friend (or you can send a check – PM me for address) at so that I avoid fees.

Venmo is also an option – Douglas-LaFarge is my Venmo account.

Include this wording: “Here is my contribution for my share of the food that you will be purchasing for the group”.

Something New This Year.

Any funds collected that exceeds the cost of the event will be used to adopt a Whale Shark  from the Shark Research Institute in the name of SushiFest. Any additional funds will be donated to Reef Check

Some helpful things to know:

  • Camping is primitive. there is a bathroom.
  • Camping is dispersed
  • Breakfast (French Toast and eggs plus coffee/tea) is included Saturday/Sunday
  • Please volunteer to do dishes one morning


More information:

Creek Pasture Campground

Facebook Event

Facebook Group


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